Can I Claim Mileage If I See Two Clients a Day?

Answer The IRS allows taxpayers to deduct certain business expenses for which they do not receive reimbursement from their employers. While the cost of commuting between your home and your regular place o... Read More »

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How Much Do You Get to Claim for Mileage for Charity Work?

The Internal Revenue Service allows income-tax filers to claim deductions for use of a personal vehicle for business, medical visits, moving or charity. One way to make claims is with a per-mile al... Read More »

Can you claim mileage on your federal taxes?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows business mileage deduction for work at a temporary location; travel from a main job to a second job; and from your job to a temporary work location. Mileag... Read More »

How much could you claim for mileage on 2006 taxes?

Each year, the Internal Revenue Service announces the mileage rates on which deductible vehicle costs are calculated. In 2006, they were 44.5 cents a mile for business purposes, 14 cents for charit... Read More »

Can You Open a Second Claim of Unemployment After Using Up All the Claim in Ohio?

There's a simple reason the U.S. Department of Labor and states limit the length of time anyone can receive unemployment: The program and its benefits are meant to provide only temporary relief to ... Read More »