Can I Claim Disability Insurance If I Have Secondary Income?

Answer Disability insurance is one of the most important types of coverage you can buy. Your likelihood of sustaining a disabling injury is probably greater than you would estimate. Disability insurance p... Read More »

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Is it possible for an insurance company to deny your claim because you have a primary and they can not be a secondary?

Answer Conference the 2 claims reps together and let them Duke it out!

Will secondary insurance pay the co-insurance amount of primary insurance if you have met the deductible in secondary insurance?

Answer You're going to have to look at your policy or brochure to see what the provisions are.For more details see

What is the Difference between disability insurance and disability income insurance?

Disability insurance by definition is a policy that replaces a portion of your income should you become unable to work due to illness or injury. The two are the same.

Can Secondary Insurance not pay anything on claim if Medicare pays more on claim than they would if they were primary?

Answer Yes, If medicare pays more than the secondary insurance allows for a charge, the secondary insurance pays nothing. The balance is written off to a contractual allowance that is agreed upon ... Read More »