Can I Be Sued for My Husband's Medical Bills?

Answer Medical bills can push a family into bankruptcy. According to a study cited by the Associated Press, about half of personal bankruptcy filers cited high medical expenses as the debt that forced the... Read More »

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Can i be sued for not paying medical bills?

On One Hand: It Is PossibleIt is possible to receive a lawsuit for unpaid medical bills. According to a report by "Health care providers can send medical debts to collections, file judg... Read More »

If you turned your medical bills over to your insurance should he include these costs even if the other person's adjuster wants you to pay medical bills out of the final settlement?

Recovering medical expenses I would consult with an Attorney, otherwise you may end up paying for some of your medical bills out of your own pocket after the final settlement. Insurance companies t... Read More »

Is there a certain time frame that the custodial parent should get medical bills or insurance EOBS to the noncustodial parent who is responsible for medical bills not covered by insurance?

Answer You contact your local Domestic Relations Office for the information. They should have a policy on it. In the state of PA the custodial parent must provide the documents within 6 months or... Read More »

Are parents responsible for adult children's medical bills if they have medical insurance on them?

Answer No. Insurance, and Responsible party are two different obligations. Insurance is just a service. Responsibilty to pay is owed by anyone over the age of 18, the legal gaurdian that signs for ... Read More »