Can I Backup Computer Files Using An Ordinary Disc, CD, Or Dvd 10 Points?

Answer Yes. The larger the disks the more disk space you will need. This is for the data. You can use the backup program, but I've found it safer with a copy /paste.If your webcam and printer require cert... Read More »

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How to Make a Backup Disc for My Computer?

Microsoft Windows operating systems ship with a Backup and Restore feature that enables you to create CD or DVD backups of important files on the hard drive. Depending on the size and number of fil... Read More »

What do you use to backup your files, photos and music If you don't backup your files, what are your reasons?

I back them up frequently on CD. I also keep a second copy on a laptop or on the computers in the office. With enough current copies your data can usually be restored. Any family photos are also on... Read More »

Getting files off of a mini disc to computer?

Read my other response in your other question. Essentially DVDs aren't edit friendly. They are more end user media, meaning they're meant for the last step in archiving video. Even if you could ... Read More »

How to Backup or Transfer Files Between Google Drive and Dropbox Using Backup Box?

The long awaited Google Drive and the popular service Dropbox can both store your files in the cloud. Unfortunately, moving files seamlessly between the two can be a somewhat time consuming and ard... Read More »