Can Humans Interact with the Spirit World?

Answer On One Hand: Psychics Believe They CanThousands of people claim to have psychic abilities, and some even make a career out of it. Famous psychics Edgar Cayce and Jeanne Dixon, for example, claimed... Read More »

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How to Invite Friends to Interact With on Webkinz World?

Have you ever wanted to invite one of your webkinz friends to see your house? Well read on!

How long is a week in the spirit world?

According to mystics and metaphysical researchers, time does not exist in the spirit world the way it does here on earth; time contracts and expands depending on whether the spirit has learned all ... Read More »

Where can I swim with or interact with dolphins in Orlando, FL?

Swimming with dolphins is an extraordinary adventure and is priced accordingly. Prices at Discovery Cove, start at $199 for the dolphin swim package, which includes access to all areas of the park ... Read More »

How to Interact With Someone With a Service Animal?

There are many different disabilities that may require or be helped by the use of a service animal, both visible and invisible. However, the guidelines for interacting are very much the same!