Can Hostas Be Split?

Answer Many gardeners grow hostas for their beautiful foliage and fragrant flower spikes. After a few years of enjoying their plants, newer gardeners may wonder what can be done when a hosta grows too la... Read More »

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In what episode of charmed does the symbol on the cover of The Book Of Shadows split because the sisters have split?

Have my Hostas had their day?

be patient, they wont show for quite a while yet, you can dig them up & split them with a sharp knife make sure you have some root on each part, other wise leave them where they are, i have been gr... Read More »

How do I split trees for a split rail fence?

Cut Down the TreesChoose trees with long, straight trunks about 8 inches around. Cut down the tree, and cut it into your chosen length for the fence rails. Place the logs on a flat surface safe for... Read More »

When can I plant hostas?

Hostas can be planted in any season in warmer regions, though avoid planting during the hottest periods of summer so the plant is not stressed. The best time for all regions is spring, the Unive... Read More »