Can Homeowners association require use of cable tv rather than dish?

Answer Yes. Read your governing documents to determine the standard for your community. If cable is the standard, you may be able to find a process whereby you can petition the board to install a dish. ... Read More »

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What is the difference between a Condominium Homeowners Association and a Townhouse or Plan Unit Development Homeowners Association?

A condo or townhouse Homeowners' Association (HOA) governs a group of condos, wherein the association is responsible for the maintenance of the outside of the building(s), landscaping, and utilitie... Read More »

Does installing a satellite dish require a special cable?

Installing a satellite dish does require a special cable. The cable required is called coax cable. Bare copper or BC coax cables (also called solid copper or SC) are the standard for companies that... Read More »

Does the homeowners association have the right to keep settlement monies from the homeowners?

Your question implies that your association and its board pursued a cause of action -- whether through negotiation, mediation or a court of law -- and was awarded a cash settlement. Realistically, ... Read More »

Can a homeowners' association force owner to pay fees that were collected by former homeowner association?

Your question sounds like there was an original HOA, which was superseded by a new HOA. Every HOA collects assessments to operate the community, and as an owner, your governing documents define yo... Read More »