Can HIV cause an IgM deficiency?

Answer IgM helps the body fight infection. HIV does not cause a decrease in IgM. However, other pre-existing or co-existing diseases, such as leukemia (blood cancers) can cause reduction in IgM in an HIV ... Read More »

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Can a Vit. D deficiency cause an elevated A1C?

There is still limited evidence suggesting a relationship between the two. With an A1C of 6.9, you are not just "insulin resistant." You have type 2 diabetes.Please define what you mean by a 'low c... Read More »

Can salt deficiency cause arthritis?

On One Hand: Salt Can Trigger ArthritisArthritis can stem from various causes, one of which is believed to be too much salt in the diet. Salt drains the body's store of potassium--a mineral that's ... Read More »

Can Vitamin D deficiency cause striae?

Based on studies, striae is not caused by Vitamin D deficiency. There is no definitive reason as to what causes it. According to Medscape, striae may be caused by stress rupture of the connective t... Read More »

Can breastfeeding cause vitamin d deficiency?

Breast-feeding itself does not cause a Vitamin D deficiency. However, breast milk is low in Vitamin D, which is why the American Academy of Pediatricians recommends that all breast-fed infants take... Read More »