Can HIV be detected in a pap smear?

Answer HIV is not detected in a pap smear. If your pap smear comes back normal, it simply means the test did not detect the presence of abnormal cervical cells or human papillomavirus (HPV). A normal pap ... Read More »

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Can pregnancy be detected by a pap smear?

Pregnancy cannot be detected by a pap smear, although during a physical exam the physician may suspect pregnancy. Ultrasound is used to confirm a pregnancy, but at an early gestational age, the onl... Read More »

Why should you have a pap smear?

Being a woman is tough and going to the gynecologist is even tougher. While going to the gynecologist is a pain, they perform many tests that are vital for maintaining your health. One of these tes... Read More »

What does a pap smear tell you?

Pap smears are the leading preventative measure taken against cervical cancer. Doctors recommend annual pap tests for women between the ages of 21 and 30, and testing every two or three years for w... Read More »

What Could a Bad Pap Smear Mean?

Receiving news that a recent pap test's results have come back abnormal can result in a scary time for many women. The causes for an abnormal test results can vary in severity, however, and most wo... Read More »