Can Fuel Injectors Be Checked Individually?

Answer Fuel injectors are connected to both a pressurized fuel rail and an electrical plug controlling the firing of the injector. Pressurized fuel passes through the injector when the electrical plug eng... Read More »

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How often should you flush fuel injectors?

Fuel injectors last 5 to 7 years without flushing. With better fuel quality in cars today, injectors work longer without cleaning and flushing. It is best to wait until a problem has been suspected... Read More »

Removing Fuel Injectors From a Car?

The fuel injectors in a car feed fuel directly into the intake valves. This happens while the car's engine is in full working operation. Automotive fuel injectors have several springs and small co... Read More »

What Happens When Your Fuel Injectors Get Clogged?

A clogged fuel injector is usually the result of the fuel filter not doing its job well enough, allowing particles into the fuel injectors. Clogged fuel injectors allow either too much or too littl... Read More »

How to Remove Fuel Injectors?

The injectors on the multiport fuel injection system of your vehicle feed the intake valves during engine operation. They accomplish this using several internal components like coils, springs, arma... Read More »