Can French-style green beans be used in a green bean casserole?

Answer On One Hand: The Classic RecipeThe original recipe for green bean casserole, created by the Campbell's Soup Company's Home Economics department in 1955, calls for "cooked cut green beans," which wo... Read More »

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Do you like green bean casserole?

NO! But every darn Thanksgiving and Christmas I'm the one who has to make it for our big family dinner! And every damn year my Mom seems surprised to find out that I HATE it!

How to Improve a Green Bean Casserole?

Many kids and even a few picky adults will turn up their nose at plain green beans. But when combined with a rich, creamy sauce, some crunchy fried onions and a few special ingredients, boring gree... Read More »

How to Make Vegan Green Bean Casserole?

Making a vegan green bean casserole, or any vegan casserole dish, is as simple as using nondairy and non-meat ingredients in place of the traditional ingredients called for. A vegan green bean cass... Read More »

How long can you keep cooked green bean casserole in the refrigerator?

6 months. due to the coldness of the refrigerator it absorbs all the bad stuff that try to ruin it.but that only works with vegetables, pasta or fruit. New Answer You should generally never eat a... Read More »