Can French People Dye Their Hair?

Answer Yea hair is hair

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How to Look for French People?

The search for a lost relative, acquaintance or former classmate requires both practiced diligence and a patient approach. For many, the rise of web-based location services promotes search efficien... Read More »

Best French Dinner for many people?

Depends on what you can buy - is there any french store in your area? For like 10-15 people it would be hard to cook a real meal, you should have a restaurant... Stuff like boeuf bourgignon ou coq ... Read More »

What do french people eat at the beach?

It will very much depend on which part of France you are as there is the Channel/Atlantic coast, and the Mediterranean…Dune

Why do people speak French in Quebec?

The Canadian province of Québec was settled by a series of French explorers in the 16th and 17th centuries. Even when the British established rule over the whole of Canada the French speakers in ... Read More »