Can Epocrates Work on Blackberry Phones?

Answer Epocates Rx, which bills itself as "a free mobile drug reference," is available for download to BlackBerry phones and does, in fact, work on these devices. You must, however, have a free Epocrates ... Read More »

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How do you make Head phones work in your laptop my head phones work but will not play music from the internet through them?

earplugs hurt your eardrums more because the earplugs fit right in your ear and it`s just hurting ur eardrum but headphones cover your whole ear and it is not right in your ear whole!! lol ....

Will a BlackBerry 8300 theme work on a BlackBerry 8130?

A BlackBerry 8300 theme will not work on a BlackBerry 8130. The BlackBerry 8130, also known as the Pearl, has a significantly smaller screen size than the BlackBerry 8300, also known as the Curve.S... Read More »

Who makes blackberry phones?

RIM (Research in Motion) is the company behind the BlackBerry smartphone. Since the product's launch in 1999, RIM has continued to design and produce BlackBerry smart phones for use around the worl... Read More »

What company makes blackberry phones?

The blackberry line of phones are created by Research in Motion, a company whose global headquarters are in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. They also have offices in North America, Europe and Asia.Sourc... Read More »