Can Drano be Used on a Clogged Toilet?

Answer A clogged toilet is one of the most unpleasant challenges a homeowner can face, and usually not one that can wait. While pouring a liquid drain cleaner such as Drano into the toilet to clear the cl... Read More »

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Sink clogged, found out my roommate tried to use bleach yesterday to unclog it. I bought Drano.?

Hi! I am a plumber of over 10 years and this is a very common mistake. Bleach is definitely a big no-no, but harsh liquid drain cleaners are just as bad. Often liquid drain cleaners will work, a... Read More »

Can drano be used in a dishwasher?

No definitely not. Drano should not be used anywhere. It is very harmful to your plumbing

I clogged the toilet at my boyfriends house?

Let him know you poop! What the Eff do you think he expects you to be, an Alien? He knows you poop, and if he doesnt, you are both doomed.

Toilet clogged with poop?

Hot chicks with this problem, when picking them up.. ALMOST got me out of the mood, when single. It makes a guy realize that they really DO poop -- something that men don't even think about, reall... Read More »