Can Detrol LA cause insomnia?

Answer The Mayo Clinic lists difficulty sleeping or insomnia as a possible, but not common side effect of Detrol LA (tolterodine tartrate). More commonly, Detrol LA use results in drowsiness, an effect s... Read More »

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What is Detrol LA used for?

Sometimes called by its generic name, tolterodine tartrate, Detrol LA is a brand name prescription medication used for a condition called overactive bladder. When taken daily, Detrol LA helps relie... Read More »

How long does detrol take to work?

On One Hand: Differing ResultsPfizer, the company that distributes the overactive bladder medication Detrol LA, urges users to give themselves "enough time to see the full benefit of treatment." Th... Read More »

What is the maximum dosage of Detrol LA?

The maximum dosage of Detrol LA is four mgs per day; however, lower dosages may be prescribed to reduce side effects, particularly in cases of hepatic or renal impairment. Always follow the dosage ... Read More »

Can i die from insomnia at the age of 14?

No, you will not die because of it.If you have insomnia (not if you parents say you have it), I suggest reading the sections "Non-medical treatment and behavioral therapy" and "Lifestyle and home r... Read More »