Can Detrol LA cause insomnia?

Answer The Mayo Clinic lists difficulty sleeping or insomnia as a possible, but not common side effect of Detrol LA (tolterodine tartrate). More commonly, Detrol LA use results in drowsiness, an effect s... Read More »

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Can the contraceptive pill cause insomnia ?

I do hope you're married. If not, mayhap it is your conscious that is troubling you. Look in your bible under, 'Jezebel'. Watch out for wild dogs.

Can insomnia cause mania in bipolar disorder?

On One Hand: Insomnia Can Cause ManiaInsomnia can trigger the manic phase in bipolar disorder, according to Disturbed sleep patterns are one of the symptoms of mania and are used... Read More »

Are the underlying factors of an abnormal ECG/hypertrophy the contributory cause of chronic secondary insomnia?

While it's true that many heart patients suffer from insomnia, it can be caused (or aggravated) by many things. You don't give a lot of details, such as what heart condition you have or what aspect... Read More »

What is Detrol LA used for?

Sometimes called by its generic name, tolterodine tartrate, Detrol LA is a brand name prescription medication used for a condition called overactive bladder. When taken daily, Detrol LA helps relie... Read More »