Can Democrats vote for a Republican at a caucus?

Answer On One Hand: Must Be the Same PartyTo vote at a Democratic caucus, you must be a registered Democrat. The same goes for Republicans; you must be registered as a Republican to vote in a Republican c... Read More »

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Are Catholics Republican or Democrats?

According to the "National Catholic Reporter," more Catholics are Democrats than Republicans. The newspaper's studies indicate that "41 percent of Catholics are Democrats, with Republicans at 37 pe... Read More »

How to Maintain Republican Views if Your Parents Like Democrats?

Maintain your views: be proud if you are conservative.Sometimes, parents can be a little close-minded. They may always prefer one political party over the other, such as Democrats over the Republic... Read More »

Primary Caucus vs. Popular Vote?

Choosing presidential candidates to run on the Republican and Democratic tickets during the general election is a long, complicated and often irrational process--a combination of political traditio... Read More »

How to Vote Republican?

Great idea not supported due to lazinessThis is perhaps the best thing you can do to contribute to modern day America, with tons of pesky neo-libertians and anarchists running rampant, you are sure... Read More »