Can Dander Cause Acne?

Answer Headlamps are an essential part of any vehicle. They keep the area in front of your car illuminated to help prevent accidents -- as long as the headlamps are clean and the light can shine through t... Read More »

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Can pet dander cause atopic dermatitis on the eyelids?

Atopic dermatitis can appear on eyelids of individuals genetically prone to animal dander dermatitis. It most typically shows up on the cheeks and arms of young children and arms and legs of adults... Read More »

Can Smoking cause acne?

Yes, smoking can actually cause acne. I have heard doctors say it multiple times, I have even dated a girl once who use to break out in bad acne on her back and some on her face when she smoked. As... Read More »

Can Oatmeal cause acne?

Only if you're allergic to them lol oatmeal is really good for you! Cookies are usually high in sugar, though and too much sugar can make some people break out more easily. If that happens to you, ... Read More »

Do Braces cause Acne?

No, there is no direct correlation between braces on your teeth and the exterior of your face. However, it is common for them to tear up the walls of your mouth leading to painful sores.