Can Dander Cause Acne?

Answer Headlamps are an essential part of any vehicle. They keep the area in front of your car illuminated to help prevent accidents -- as long as the headlamps are clean and the light can shine through t... Read More »

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What is cat dander?

Cat dander results from the shedding of the Fel-D1 protein. Allergic reactions in humans can range from nasal congestion to life-threatening asthma attacks. Allergies to cats are twice as prevalent... Read More »

What is dog dander?

Although it is commonly mistaken as a substance on a dog's fur, dander is actually made up of dead skin cells that peel or flake of a dog's body. This microscopic substance can be the cause of much... Read More »

What Causes Dog Dander?

Dog dander, commonly known as doggie dandruff, refers to the naturally occurring dead skin cells that accumulate beneath a canine's fur on the skin's surface. While most instances of dog dander are... Read More »

How to Prevent Cat Dander?

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, close to 10 million people react to cat dander or, more accurately, the protein in the dead skin scales that cats regularly shed. Reaction... Read More »