Can Daffodils Grow Through Established Turf?

Answer Daffodils, prized for their hardiness and ability to grow in many conditions, will grow even through established turf in well-drained soil. This does not usually conflict with lawn mowing, as daffo... Read More »

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How to Grow Brighter Daffodils?

Here's a fun and simple gardener's trick to brighten your daffodils.

How to Grow Daffodils Indoors?

Daffodil bulbs require a cold season to grow and bloom. If you plant bulbs outdoors in the fall, you must wait until the spring for them to bloom, but you can enjoy the blooms much earlier if you c... Read More »

How do I chemically remove clover in turf or athletic turf?

Killing CloverSelect a phenoxy-type herbicide from your local garden store. Pour the herbicide into a garden sprayer, and spray the clover in the early fall by following the directions on the packa... Read More »

How to Grow Cuttings from Established Plants?

You can grow more plants from the ones you have already in your garden! It's easy to do and is a great way to increase your plants, especially those that are rare, heritage or expensive.