Can DVD burners make CDs?

Answer DVD burners will burn audio CDs as well; however, some older DVD burners may not produce good quality CDs because their programmed speeds for CD writing were often slower than those of just a CD bu... Read More »

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How to Make Open Faced Outdoor Oil Burners?

Oil burning is generally done to provide light an outdoors area, keep insects away or to provide aromatics when burning aromatic oils. There are several methods of burning oil, including using a t... Read More »

If burning cds and dvds is illegal then why do they make blank disc and burners?

In general it is NOT illegal to make a cd or dvd. It IS illegal to infringe on copyrighted intellectual property. Several court cases have set a precedent that you can make a backup copy of softwar... Read More »

How to Clean Oil Burners?

Oil burners should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a year to keep them running efficiently and safely. When dust and residue build up inside the burner, it causes the burning cycle to run far l... Read More »

Are fat burners safe?

On One Hand: FDA RegulationsThe Federal Trade Commission regulates the marketing of diet pills and supplements. While a 2006 study from the Center for Survey Research and Analysis at the University... Read More »