Can DDR2 memory be used in a Compaq Presario desktop?

Answer Compaq Presario desktop computers use whatever is the "standard" at the time of its construction. This includes DDR2 RAM, which is still available in some Presario PCs as of 2010. So, yes, Compaq P... Read More »

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Intructions for Installing an Internal DVD ROM in a Compaq Presario Desktop Computer?

An internal DVD-ROM drive allows you to read and play DVDs on your Compaq Presario desktop computer. If your Presario does not already come with an internal DVD drive, you can install one yourself.... Read More »

How do I add memory to a Compaq Presario 2500?

Determine RAM NeededDetermine the type and size RAM your laptop will need. Refer to the Compaq user manual or see the Resources section for the manual online. Turn off the notebook, and unplug it f... Read More »

How do I buy memory for a Compaq Presario 1200XL 108?

Buying from WebsitesGo to HP's website, where you'll see a memory-finding tool that tells you what type of memory to buy based on your computer model. You can purchase the memory for your Presario ... Read More »

How do I Add DDR2 Memory in an HP Vectra Desktop?

Sometimes, your HP Vectra desktop computer can start to slow down over the years, making simple things like checking emails or writing a document require lots of time. If this is your issue, then i... Read More »