Can Credit Card Companies Close Your Account Without Authorization?

Answer Millions of American consumers rely on credit cards to pay bills and provide funds for emergencies. Many people use credit cards solely to gain reward points or air miles. Credit card companies can... Read More »

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Can a business charge your credit card without your authorization?

On One Hand: It's IllegalIt's illegal for anybody to charge your credit card without authorization. Small charges should be challenged with your credit card company. Large charges constitute fraud,... Read More »

Can credit card companies seize your bank account?

A credit card company can take you to court to collect on unpaid credit card debt. If the company wins the lawsuit, it obtains a judgment, and money in your bank accounts can be taken. More typical... Read More »

Can you charge a credit card without an authorization?

A merchant cannot charge a person's credit card without his approval. Another kind of authorization must be obtained from the credit card company as well, letting the merchant know if the credit ca... Read More »

Is it Illegal to Charge a Credit Card Without Authorization?

A merchant must have a signed or a verbal authorization from a consumer before he can process a credit card purchase. Credit card charges without a consumer's authorization are illegal. Unauthorize... Read More »