Can Condo allow small pets but will not allow service dog above weight limit?

Answer Technically, yes; practically, try to negotiate a compromise with the board. When you buy or move into a condominium as a tenant, best practices dictate that you read the governing documents to det... Read More »

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Can one have a therapy dog in condo association that does not allow pets?

A therapy dog is one trained, registered, and insured to visit facilities like hospitals and nursing homes to help cheer up the residents. A condo association cannot be forced to make an exception ... Read More »

Can a condo assoc allow only 1 condo to be rented and not allow any other to be rented?

The condo association has to adhere to the by-laws. If the by-laws agree to rentals, and condo can be rented. If there is no rental provision, then not even 1 condo can be rented. It's all-or-nothi... Read More »

Is health issue of an owner in condo community allow the exception in condo cc and r in CA?

Conditions, covenants, regulations and restrictions (CC&Rs) are the 'constitution' for the private democracy called a condominium community. When an purchaser buys into such a community, the purch... Read More »

Will going on a vegetarian diet allow me to lose weight?

Absolutely. No way NOT to lose. Just watch your dairy, eggs which are high in animal protein and fat. Many make the mistake of lowering meat and upping cheese and eggs. Go to youtube for many veg ... Read More »