Can Condo allow small pets but will not allow service dog above weight limit?

Answer Technically, yes; practically, try to negotiate a compromise with the board. When you buy or move into a condominium as a tenant, best practices dictate that you read the governing documents to det... Read More »

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Can one have a therapy dog in condo association that does not allow pets?

A therapy dog is one trained, registered, and insured to visit facilities like hospitals and nursing homes to help cheer up the residents. A condo association cannot be forced to make an exception ... Read More »

Coop and condo rules for pets?

Every shared housing situation has guidelines for pets. Condominiums and co-ops also have governing documents, wherein you'll find the guidelines for pets.

Is it legal for a condo bylaw in Canada to say no pets?

Probably, yes. If you require the companionship or service of a service animal, you may be able to petition the board for an exception to the By-law.However, the decision of the board is final.

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