Can Computers think?

Answer I did a 20 page paper on artificial intelligence (AI). I can e-mail you my paper if you'd like (if I find it). My e-mail's public. My opinion is that they can't think on their own, they are program... Read More »

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How good do you think you are on computers?

sometimes i think i am really good but when people ask me about computers usually 50% of the time i will know what they are talking about and 25% of the time i will give them the right information.

Do you think computers are evil?

i think that computers aid the evil. I think that the world would be better if not everyone had access to computers. Computers are good for work, but not recreation. Anyone can pretend to be any... Read More »

What do you think of Dell computers?

The desktops are slow and cumbersome but the notebooks are great. I have both and I want to get rid of the desktop!!! It gets so sloooow after a while (I don't know why). Both of the Dell desktops ... Read More »

Do you think this on?

No, it doesn't sound right. It does sound like a hardware failure though, especially because of the funny noise. If she bought the PC brand new, it is undoubtedly under warranty. I suggest she cont... Read More »