Can Clomid delay a menstrual cycle?

Answer Because the fertility drug Clomid (clomiphene) acts on the hormonal balance in women to induce pregnancy, changes in your menstrual cycle can occur, according to the Mayo Clinic. Check with your ph... Read More »

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Can a yeast infection delay your menstrual cycle?

On One Hand: Not DirectlyYeast infections, which are caused by a pH imbalance in the vagina, only cause localized discomfort that does not affect a woman's menstrual cycle.On the Other: It Can Trig... Read More »

Blood Results back from Clomid this cycle....?

Hello, I hope I can help a little . I have taken clomid for 5 cycles now, 2 times on days 5-9 and the other 3 times on days 3-7 .. After cycle 3 with clomid I took a break .. The first 3 cycles wer... Read More »

Is it possible to not have a menstrual cycle?

Yes, when you do not have a menstrual cycle it is called amenorrhea. The primary form of this condition occurs when menstruation does not begin before the age of 16. The secondary form is when mens... Read More »

Is it possible to get pregnant on day six of the menstrual cycle?

On One Hand: Days One Through Eight Are a Less Fertile TimeThe average menstrual cycle is 28 days long, and a woman with an average cycle will most likely ovulate around day 14. A woman is most fer... Read More »