Can Claritin-D hurt your body?

Answer On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsWhen used properly, Claritin-D temporarily relieves the symptoms of hay fever or other respiratory allergies, states. These symptoms include itchy eyes, no... Read More »

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Why does my body hurt all the time?

1.Relax2 Drink lots of water 3 Do not take spicy food or junk food 4 Do simple exercises

Where on the body does it hurt less to get a tattoo at?

It hurts like hell on the rib cage. So avoid bones and sensitive spots where you are ticklish.

How do you tell a co-worker that their body odor is offensive Especially if you do not want to hurt them?

That is a difficult one... A friend of mine just came right out and told me. I was offended and did not talk to him any after that. I was wrong of course and should have appreciated it.(note: the p... Read More »

Will you have body aches and will your eyeballs hurt in early pregnancy?

Answer No. Your tummy will ache but you wont have aching eyeballs.