Can Cinema 3D TV glasses be fixed when they are broken and scratched?

Answer I don't think they can. But you can buy them in online shopping or in the store where you bought the TV set. They're under 20ies, quite affordable.

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Which one is better 3D TV with shutter glasses or cinema 3d glasses?

As with all televisions, the "best" is a matter of opinion. Before buying a 3D television, audition as many models as you can. Make sure the glasses are comfortable and make sure the image is clear... Read More »

Can aluminum alloy wheels be fixed once scratched?

It is possible to fix aluminum alloy wheels once they are scratched. You can remove minor scratches with a polishing compound. To remove deeper scratches it is best to take the vehicle to a profess... Read More »

How to Fix Scratched Glasses?

Every glasses wearer will run into a pesky scratch or smudge that deters from seeing clearly. Read on to find out how to avoid and get rid of such pains!

How do I repair scratched glasses?

Use Baking SodaMix 3 tbsp. baking soda with 4 or 5 tsp. of water or enough water to form a thick paste. Mix with a spoon in a small container.Apply Baking Soda PasteApply a small amount of the baki... Read More »