Can Cinema 3D TV glasses be fixed when they are broken and scratched?

Answer I don't think they can. But you can buy them in online shopping or in the store where you bought the TV set. They're under 20ies, quite affordable.

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Are the 3D glasses for LG cinema 3D TV expensive like others. How much are they?

LG glasses are passive polarizing glasses so they should be very cheap. Active glasses, as used by most other manufacturers are somewhat more expensive but prices for active glasses are falling rap... Read More »

Which one is better 3D TV with shutter glasses or cinema 3d glasses?

As with all televisions, the "best" is a matter of opinion. Before buying a 3D television, audition as many models as you can. Make sure the glasses are comfortable and make sure the image is clear... Read More »

My father is about to meet his grand kids for the first time. They are 10 and 11 and want to know why it took so long. I blame him and he blames me for the distance. Can broken families be fixed?

Of corse it can be fixed! You guys jut have to get along and talk more. You just need to tell your kids that it was a mistake of yours and his. If you blame him they may feel like he doesn't want t... Read More »

Can aluminum alloy wheels be fixed once scratched?

It is possible to fix aluminum alloy wheels once they are scratched. You can remove minor scratches with a polishing compound. To remove deeper scratches it is best to take the vehicle to a profess... Read More »