Can Chiari cause digestive symptoms?

Answer On One Hand: Chiari Do Not Cause Digestive ProblemsChiari malformations cause part of the brain to press on the spine. They do not cause digestive symptoms but can lead to neck and chest pain; bala... Read More »

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Can Chiari malformation cause death?

Death is rare, but can happen. I know this because my son passed away 15 months ago. Cause: Chiari Malformation, Type 1. We were unaware of the condition and he seemed very healthy. It was found by... Read More »

Does natural childbirth make chiari malformation symptoms get worse?

I have had 2 c-sections and after baby number one the symptoms got worse and they were much worse after baby number 2. So I would say: yes.

Can having chiari malformation cause you to be discharged from the military?

Can digestive enzymes cause indigestion?

Digestive enzymes are created by the body in order to break down food. When an individual has a deficiency of digestive enzymes she can get indigestion. Other signs of a lack of digestive enzymes a... Read More »