Can Checks Payable to Corporations Be Cashed?

Answer In theory, you can cash a check made payable to a corporation because no state or federal law prevents you from doing so. In practice, few if any banks allow people to cash checks made payable to c... Read More »

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Can pre-dated checks be cashed?

Technically they can be cashed; however, banks can and may refuse to cash pre-dated checks. According to the Uniform Commercial Code, a bank will take a check regardless of the date.Source:Free For... Read More »

Can checks be cashed with no signatures?

Technically, checks must have a signature for a person to endorse it, according to U.S. Bank. An endorsement signature is also required. However, as long as the person intentionally writes a check,... Read More »

Do cashed checks appear as bank transactions?

Cashed checks appear as bank transactions on statements which are generated monthly. The checks appear in the banking statement, or online if you have online access, as soon as the check is present... Read More »

Can personal checks be cashed in Las Vegas?

The Mirage Hotel will cash a personal check valued up to $1,000 with the proper identification for guests of the hotel. It will cash personal checks up to $500 for non-hotel guests provided proper ... Read More »