Can I receive calls on my iphone 5 on the 4G LTE network?

Answer Why wouldn't be?

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Can ipad 2 receive mobile calls?

No. Besides being thinner and looking better, the only major improvements is two cameras, face time, video recording and photobooth.

How Do I Receive Collect Calls on Metro PCS?

Metro PCS is a cell phone provider offering service throughout the United States (although not as large of a provider as AT&T and Verizon). While using a wireless cell phone through Metro PCS it is... Read More »

How do I get my Samsung Strive to receive calls!?

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How to Receive Calls With Verizon WiFi?

Receiving calls over a Wi-Fi signal can save you money on your Verizon Wireless bill. When calls are made from the Wi-Fi connection, they bypasses your cell phone network, so they don't cost you an... Read More »