How to Look Cool on MySpace?

Answer In many cases, Myspace can make or break a persons credibility. No one is going to take the guy with the huge banner on the top of his page, sporting a blown-up photo of himself, seriously. The fol... Read More »

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How to Make Myspace 3.0 Look Good?

Ok then, so as you probably know or will find out that the new my space 3.0 profiles are abit... ERM... rubbish? And doesn't suit peoples needs for example if they have a lyt site, or a fansite... ... Read More »

How to Look at Hidden Music History for MySpace?

As a MySpace member, you have the ability to discover new music on other peoples' pages. Unfortunately, if a user takes down a song and you do not remember the artist, you cannot access the music a... Read More »

My son has myspace and his profile is private.Is there any way to look at it?

ask him. you probably own his computer. so its your computer and you can do whatever you want with it.

How to Add People on MySpace?

Having problems figuring out the complicated friend adding process of MySpace? Read along.