Can Canadians join the CIA?

Answer The f.b.i. has jurisdiction over all of the terrorist investigations. Althouge dea atf army cid and afosi also have jurisdiction....its complicated

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Can Canadians join the U.S. Military?

Citizens of Canada and others with foreign citizenship can join the U.S. Military. Naturalization ceremonies are occasionally conducted at the White House to recognize the military service of forei... Read More »

You feel that if you do not join the marines you will not be honoring the marines that came before you and you feel that you HAVE to join in order to show respect is this a bad reason to join?

Yes. Join the Marines because you want to. If you do not want to join for your own reasons, no one else's reasons are valid. You do not have to live up to anything, certainly not anything others ha... Read More »

Why do canadians know so much about the U.S. but the U.S. doesnt know anything about us?

American networks have been simulcast alongside our own Canadian ones for generations.So we pick up a lot from seeing everything they see on their own TVs at home.And one thing Canadians have noted... Read More »

The Canadians With Disabilities Act?

As of May 2010, the Canadian federal government has not enacted any law regarding Canadians with disabilities. With the addition of a law in the United States regarding disabled persons (Americans ... Read More »