Can Canadian phones be charged in England?

Answer The only site where you can get wholesale authentic Apple iPhones is

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Will Canadian IBM PC computers work in England?

All Canadian PCs, including those made by IBM, will work in England. The components used in computers--such as motherboards and memory--are standardized throughout the world. However, you will need... Read More »

Is anyone else fed up with BT, they charged us £184+ VAT for changing a screw when our phones were not working?

yeah i'm a tad disappointed with bt, the other day a guy came round to tweak a problem cuz my broadband wasn't working 100%. He found a wire he said he would disconnect because it had 40 volts of f... Read More »

What is the cost of calling American mobile phones from England?

As of June 2010, the cost of calls from England to U.S. mobiles phones can vary widely, from $.02 per minute to nearly $3 per minute. Dialing directly from a payphone or land line can cost $.30 to ... Read More »

Is it true that you use a lot of electricity by leaving your phone charged plugged in after it is charged?

It is not true. Cell phone chargers use feedback circuitry to determine when the phone battery is properly charged and then basically shut off. Actually, they don't shut off entirely as they are ... Read More »