Can Boxwood Bushes Be Rooted From Branches?

Answer About 70 boxwood shrub species used in landscapes due to their low maintenance. Boxwood shrubs are pruned without damaging the bush. Propagation is through seeds or stem cuttings. Cuttings generate... Read More »

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Will Boxwood Bushes Do Well in Shady Areas?

Used in American gardens since Colonial times, boxwoods (Buxus spp.) are slow-growing but long-lived evergreens. These finely textured shrubs come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, and they to... Read More »

I have recently rooted some fig branches When is the best time to transplant them from the pot to the ground I live in the Northeast?

If holly bushes have berries in October when should branches be cut for holiday use?

Cutting to soon will almost certainly ensure that the berries fall off. To stop birds eating the berries, and to preserve them on the bushes, put fine-mesh nets over some of the bushes - don't dep... Read More »

What do you do with a saga palm when the fronds or branches have turned yellow brown and raggedy We have watered fed it the proper fertilizer with nitrates and trimmed all the branches?

Check the planting guide as to what exposure to sunshine and cold it does best in.