Can Blue Moon roses grow in Massachusetts?

Answer The Blue Moon rose is a mauve hybrid tea rose that grows in plant hardiness zones 7b or warmer. Even within those zones, this rose prefers a sunny and sheltered location. Most of Massachusetts fall... Read More »

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How do I grow Blue Girl roses?

LocationSelect a location for your Blue Girl rose that will receive at least six hours of sun every day. In hot climates, the blue girl flowers will last longer with morning sun and protection from... Read More »

Blue Roses?

What do blue roses mean?

Blue roses are considered a mysterious flower, due to the fact that blue roses do not grow naturally in nature. They have been dyed and genetically engineered to create the blue color.New Opportuni... Read More »

Are there blue roses?

Since roses lack a gene to produce delphinidin, the primary plant pigment that produces true blue flowers, blue roses were traditionally created by dyeing white roses. So-called "blue roses" have b... Read More »