Can Another Person Deposit Money on a Prepaid Credit Card?

Answer A prepaid credit card is actually a debit card, and it is possible for another person to deposit money to the card. The term "prepaid credit card" is simply a marketing gimmick. Prepaid credit card... Read More »

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How to Transfer a Money Order to a Prepaid Credit Card Online?

Learning to transfer a money order to a prepaid credit card online provides a a convenient, safe and fast way to send and receive money. Reloadable prepaid credit cards function much like a bank ac... Read More »

Can You Get a Money Loan on a Prepaid Visa Without a Direct Deposit?

In addition to credit cards, the financial services company Visa also offers prepaid cards. These prepaid cards function somewhat like a debit card linked to a checking account. A person is allowed... Read More »

Can you get a money loan on a prepaid Visa without a direct deposit?

No. AccountNow offers AccountNow iAdvance Line of Credit, a short-term loan with the prepaid Visa card, but direct deposit is a requirement as of August 2010. There are no other prepaid cards that ... Read More »

How to Get Approved for a Credit Card With Bad Credit by Paying a Deposit?

If you are struggling with debt or simply just bad credit, your options for financing are limited. Most major lenders will not lend to consumers with poor credit, and nearly all local credit unions... Read More »