Can Androgel cause swelling of the abdomen?

Answer On One Hand: Androgel May Lead to SwellingAndrogel is a topical testosterone. It's commonly applied in the abdominal area. Using this medication can lead to swelling of the abdomen or other applica... Read More »

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Does Androgel cause infertility?

On One Hand: Androgel Not Linked to InfertilityUsing topical testosterone (brand-name Androgel) does not lead directly to infertility, the inability to have children.On the Other: Androgel May Comp... Read More »

What could cause pain in the right side of abdomen?

Answer Appendicitis, possibly.Phil Answer Pain in the right side is too vague and if you are a female it could be anything from twinges from your ovary releasing an egg; or a cyst on the ovary. ... Read More »

Does a vaginal yeast infection cause crampiness in the lower abdomen?

Yeast infections are caused by the organism Candida albicans. While symptoms vary, the most common are a thick cottage-cheese discharge with a foul odor, itching and burning around the vulva and pa... Read More »

Can percocet cause eye swelling?

Oxycodone is an ingredient in the prescription pain medication Percocet. According to MedLine Plus, the National Institutes of Health's information-service, oxycodone can cause eye swelling as well... Read More »