Can Allergies Cause Acne?

Answer Engines require vacuum pressure to run properly. The vacuum is created by the pumping processes of the engine. When there is a vacuum leak, excess air is making its way into the engine and leaning ... Read More »

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Can cat allergies cause IBS?

Allergies to cats and other airborne triggers do not cause IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome. However, some allergies produce symptoms that duplicate those of IBS, causing misdiagnosis. There are ma... Read More »

Can allergies cause migraines?

Allergies trigger migraines when the brain overreacts in its attempt to correct the allergy symptoms. For instance, individuals with nasal allergies--which results in pressure changes that the brai... Read More »

Do allergies cause seizures?

On One Hand: Allergic ReactionsAccording to the Mayo Clinic, seizures aren't caused by allergic reactions. Allergic reactions can cause itching, hives, coughing, wheezing or anaphylaxis. Anaphylax... Read More »

Which cats do not cause allergies?

There are three types of cats that will not cause an allergic reaction. Cornish Rex and Devon Rex are both short-haired hypoallergenic cats. The Sphinx breed is the third type, which has almost no ... Read More »