Can African cichlids eat shrimp?

Answer You can supplement your African cichlid's diet with brine shrimp, krill or shrimp pellets. If you have an herbivorous variety of cichlid, you should feed only a small amount, while carnivorous cich... Read More »

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How many species do African cichlids have?

There is an estimated 1300 or more different types of African cichlids. This type of fish has an array of different sizes and color combinations. They are all freshwater fish and are common in aqua... Read More »

Do African cichlids need multiples?

African cichlids do not need to be kept in multiples, but these fish are aggressive, and crowded situations, such as those that occur in the lakes of their native habitat, minimize their aggressio... Read More »

What can african cichlids live with?

African cichlids are extremely aggressive and should only be housed with fish of the same species. Most community fish will not survive in a tank with African cichlids.FeedingAfrican cichlid aggres... Read More »

Do African cichlids need friends?

The decision to keep multiple cichlids in your tank depends on the size of the tank, the sex of the cichlid and the species of cichlid. A single cichlid is not likely to suffer from undue stress. ... Read More »