Can Adderall make you tired?

Answer On One Hand: Adderall Can Make You TiredTaking amphetamine and dextroamphetamine (brand-name Adderall) can make a person very tired, according to the Mayo Clinic and Medline Plus. This is a serious... Read More »

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Is there anything I could do to make my adderall last longer?

You could ask for the extended release "Adderall XR" but you'd be getting a slower, milder effect.Someday they'll discover an amphetamine that lasts 12 hours.

Does chewing Adderall make it hit you quicker?

On One Hand: Chewing Adderall Is DangerousAccording to, an Adderall capsule should never be crushed, chewed, broken or opened. To ensure safety and effectiveness, swallow the capsule whol... Read More »

How can i make myself tired?

There are many ways to make yourself tired but you cannot force your body to sleep if it does not want to - at least not without drugs. Try drinking warm milk, eating turkey (it has a tryptophan w... Read More »

How to make myself tired?

Open windows so you get fresh air in your room, make sure it's completely silent and that all the lights are turned off. Make sure you've brushed your teeth, cleaned and embedded your bed with new ... Read More »