Can AML leukemia be cured?

Answer Acute myelogenous leukemia is a cancer that attacks the bone marrow and the blood. It most often affects older men. Like all cancers, treatment depends on the disease's severity and the patient's o... Read More »

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Is a cured ham ready to eat?

A ham that is ready to eat will prominently state that it is "ready to eat." Hams that have only been cured will need to be cooked before eating to destroy harmful bacteria that may reside in the m... Read More »

Can diabetes be cured?

Technically, no. However, with good weight management, proper diet, plenty of exercise, and a few supplements, you can manage type 2 diabetes well enough that you can usually avoid taking insulin i... Read More »

How to Can Cured Olives?

Olives are cured by soaking the olives in a solution of water, salt, vinegar and, occasionally, lye. Curing olives helps them become pickled, but it does not protect them against bacteria that can ... Read More »

Can anxiety be cured?

Although anxiety can be a healthy emotional response that can often act as a motivator, some people suffer from a form anxiety that is excessive and interferes with their daily lives. There are sev... Read More »