Can 6 month old babies have onion?

Answer might not be able to eat it but yeah they can might not be very healthy

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Why is it that 8th month babies are in more danger than 7th month babies?

hi, i onloy found this out with my second child due to planned c section, a babies lungs are full obviously not in use while inside you, but at 8 months their lungs fill up with fluid to aid them i... Read More »

Why do babies drool And is their anyting that I can do to stop it I have a 2 month old niece and she drools?

Thats what babies do because they have not learned to control their mouth muscles. Give your baby some time it may be annoying but its natural. So have a little towel handy.

Can 3 month old babies eat watermelon?

Technically yes, they can, but you should not feed it to them. They would physically be able to consume it but the baby's digestive system would have an issue processing it. There is also a high ri... Read More »

How are babies 1 month apart?

If the first baby is born in the last second of the first month Then the second baby could be born the next month