Can 401A & 403B Plans Be Rolled Into IRAs?

Answer When you leave a job, one of the most important decisions you need to make concerns your retirement plan. If you have a workplace retirement plan such as a 401a or 403b, you need to carefully consi... Read More »

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Can a traditional ira be rolled over into a 401a?

A traditional IRA can be rolled over into a 401(a) plan, but the rollover must be approved by the administrator of the 401(a). A 401(a) plan differs from the more popular 401(k) in that a 401(a) al... Read More »

Which IRAs Can Be Rolled Over Into a 401(k) Plan?

401k plans are employer-sponsored retirement plans while IRAs are individual retirement plans. The Internal Revenue Service allows people to move money from some retirement accounts into other acco... Read More »

Can IRAs be rolled over to a 401k?

The Internal Revenue Service permits IRA funds to be rolled over to a 401k plan. However, it is up to each individual 401k plan to determine whether it will accept such rollovers.References:IRS: Ro... Read More »

Difference Between 403b & 401k Retirement Plans?

Both 401k and 403b plans are employer-sponsored, tax-deferred retirement plans. Both allow employees to make tax-deductible contributions to their retirement funds. The major difference is that onl... Read More »