Can 3D TVs watch regular TV shows & regular DVDs?

Answer Can 3D TVs watch regular TV shows & regular DVDs?A 3DTV can display all regular 2D tv shows and regular dvds in 2D. If your 3DTV has a 2D to 3D conversion feature you can get some 3D effect from re... Read More »

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Can I watch blu ray DVDs on a regular DVD player?

No. A normal dvd player does not have the proper laser to read a blu ray movie. Blu Ray players can play normal DVDs but a normal dvd player CANNOT play Blu rays.

Where can you get the missing codes for registering blue ray dvds and regular dvds need to get poits on wheel watchers?

Many contributors to this site have said that LG televisions are cheap. Visio is known as a budget brand and although not of the same build quality of big names such as Sony, Samsung and Panasonic ... Read More »

Can blu-ray dvds be played on regular tv?

Can you play regular DVDs on a Wii?

As of 2010, Nintendo's popular Wii gaming system does not play DVDs, CDs or Blu-ray discs--it will only play Wii and Nintendo GameCube games. You can, however, watch movies using your Wii as a stre... Read More »