Can 14 year olds have sex?

Answer In many cases, yes it is physically possible for 14 year olds to have sex. However, for some 14 year old girls, their vaginas are not yet large enough to comfortably allow a penis inside, and some ... Read More »

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Is it ok for 12 and 13 year olds to have sex?

No it's not. I am very open minded when it comes to other people's practices and sexuality. However the one thing that should be very clear to all people, is "consent". "Consent" isn't just a matte... Read More »

Does a 15-year-olds parents have the right to make her have an abortion in Ohio?

This is a legal question you need to contact child welfare or a womens counselling centre for proper legal advice.

Do 15 year olds with learners permits have to have insurance for their parents car?

AnswerNo it depends on you insurance company, some companies require the kid to be on the insurance while others don't until they get their day license.

Can 14 year olds have sex properly?

as a 14 nearly 15 year old girl myself i can say that it depends on how ready you feel personally. i dated a 17 year old guy over the summer and convinced myself i was ready for sex, but then when... Read More »