Can 13 yr olds have citalopram 10mg anti-depressants ?

Answer i dont recommend ita 13 year old might possibly be a little young for anti depressantsare u sure ur seriously depressed

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How can i get some anti depressants?

Can you OD on anti-depressants?

Sounds like a suicide question. Don't think i should answer this...

Should I ask my dr about anti-depressants?

It sounds like depression.Tell your doctor how you've been feeling.Depending on your age,you should probably be put on an anti-depressant.If you are 18 or younger,they might not prescribe an anti-d... Read More »

Can you take anti depressants while pregnant?

There are very few side effects of the HBV vaccine and it is recommended by the CDC, who test the safety and effectiveness for vaccines in the US. See the link below for details from the CDC about ... Read More »