Can 12 gauge wire be spliced with 10 gauge?

Answer Different gauges of wire can be spliced by using different connectors, including butt connectors, twist or screw-on connectors and Scotch locks. You can splice 10 and 12 gauge wires using any of th... Read More »

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Is 18 gauge remote wire the same as a regular 18 gauge speaker wire?

Which is stronger: 16 gauge or 19 gauge wire?

The larger a wire's diameter, the greater its strength. The American Wire Gauge's Wire Gauge Chart lists 19 gauge wire as having a diameter of 35.9 mm, whereas the larger 16 gauge wire has a diamet... Read More »

Is a 14 gauge wire larger than an 8 gauge wire?

A 14-gauge wire is not larger than an eight gauge wire. A 14-gauge wire is 0.064084 inches in diameter and an 8-gauge wire is 0.128496 inches in diameter. The larger the gauge wire, the smaller the... Read More »

I need to extend a 14 gauge, 600 volt stranded copper wire. Can I use solid wire?

yes you can use solid sure to get your wire nuts tight