Can 1 cigarette hurt me at 14 years old?

Answer yes, it really isn't worth it. please don't do it. Buy electronic cigarettes.

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Can cigarette smoke hurt your computer?

Possibly, the tar can build up in the fan and cause it to not turn, the computer wont get enough air and overheat.

Can smoking only one cigarette in your entire life hurt you?

no.Just like having one fatty combo meal isn't gonna make you fat.

I'm 23 years old, why does my chest hurt?

I wonder If It a mind problem,sometimes our minds tell us that thing is happening to us and It's not soDiscover additional info and products from my blog regarding My Head Hurts..

I'm 14 years old and my hips & knees hurt all the time?

Its growing pains... As you carry on growing rapidly, your joints cant always keep up with it, that's why the pain is concentrated to these major joints. The strange things could just be your taste... Read More »