Camshaft Troubleshooting?

Answer The camshaft has a very important job in the engine. Using a series of lobes on a long shaft, it must spin and make contact with rocker arms or lifters to open and close the valves. The opening and... Read More »

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What Is a Camshaft Used for?

A camshaft is a rod or shaft to which cams are attached. Cams are non circular wheels, which operate the cylinder valves of an internal combustion engine. The camshaft is also used to operate other... Read More »

What is a camshaft?

Camshafts are iron or steel engine components used in 4 stroke engines to mechanically induce opening and closing action of intake and exhaust valves. These events must take place at precise times ... Read More »

How to Pick a Camshaft?

Camshaft selection requires careful thought and honest consideration as to how the car will be used afterward. Since camshaft changes are greatly enhanced with other modifications, it should be par... Read More »

What is a camshaft belt?

The drive belt for a camshaft is more accurately known as a timing belt. Camshafts can also be driven by a chain and gears or by a set of gears. The timing belt rotates the camshaft in precise sync... Read More »