Camp Nature Class Ideas for Kids?

Answer When taking a group of children on a camping trip, numerous possibilities are available for helping them learn about the natural world, as well as their place in it and their responsibilities towar... Read More »

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Boot Camp Ideas for Kids?

Boot camps are short team programs designed to instill order and discipline. Demand that each exercise be done with excellence; make them repeat until the moves are done to the very best of their a... Read More »

Kids Class Captain Campaign Ideas?

A class captain campaign is usually the first experience most kids have of the democratic process, and it's especially educational for kids who choose to run for the position. Kids learn by doing; ... Read More »

What Are Your Ideas About the Nature of Teaching?

During uncertain economic times, education always seems to be targeted by state and federal governments for budget cuts. Teaching as a profession is difficult enough without having vital resources ... Read More »

Teaching Ideas for Art Class or Drawing Class?

Art skills develop in stages. By paying attention to these stages, teachers can plan activities that engage students. After teaching children the basics of art, allow them to express themselves art... Read More »