Camp Ideas for Teenage Girls?

Answer Teenage girls are in a difficult position, transitioning from being girls to women. While they want so much to be the confident, powerful women they admire, they still want to have fun and hold on... Read More »

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Sleepover ideas for teenage girls?

LDS Girls' Camp Theme Ideas?

Girls' Camp (also known as Young Women Camp) is a Latter-Day Saints tradition that brings together teenage girls, ages 12 to 18, in order to deepen their faith and build stronger friendships. Accor... Read More »

Some Christmas Party Ideas for teenage girls?

good ideas are---rent a bunch of christmas moviesput up a bunch of decorationshave a secret Santa or Everyone wraps there gift, with no name tag. Then people choose a random gift. Every time someon... Read More »

What do teenage boys look forin teenage girls?

the younger the guy, the more he will care about looks because he isn't looking for a serious relationship (of course there are exceptions to this). older guys will care about looks to, but it most... Read More »